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TLR lawyers specialise in resolving tenancy disputes,
and actually care about your rights as a tenant!

Same Day Return Call or Email!

Tenancy Legal Referral lawyers offer ‘same day return phone call or email’ and are very reasonably priced

Protecting YOUR Interests

Tenancy Legal Referral lawyers care about tenants rights, and are serious about protecting your interests – before, during and after the lease life-cycle.
And TLR lawyers are very reasonably priced!

Experienced Lawyers - All Issues

Tenancy Legal Referral lawyers have many years experience across Residential, Retail and Aged Care:

• Problem prevention – pre lease advice
• If in hot water – managing issues during the lease or occupancy
• Your relationship not on an even keel – review your lease/residency
• Life’s curve balls – re-development, assignment, nosey landlord, unfair rent review, and the rest!
• When its over – getting out cleanly

Tenancy Legal Referral is an initiative of Tenants Union of Victoria Ltd and is not a legal practice and does not provide legal advice, but will refer you to a third party legal practitioner to advise you, and a reasonable fee will apply. In future benefits from this initiative will fund legal advice for disadvantaged tenants.

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